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Build Report 0.21

Build 0.21 Pre-Alpha

It's been a while since the last update, but build 0.21's main aim was to prepare for the EGX show in Birmingham in September 2016. It carried on a little after that, but what with full time work and a general lack of time/energy, not a lot of progress was made after the end of October.

The EGX show was a great success, meeting lots of different people and talking to them about the game, it's a great way of putting the idea for your game and seeing how people react to it. At the same time as EGX we launched a Steam Greenlight project and we were approved within 13 days. So now the hard work is ahead of us to get the gameplay done as soon as possible so that a demo can be uploaded.

One thing can be said of standing up for 4 days in one spot, its very tiring and by the end of the fourth day I was completely broken.

Next Sprint: V0.22 - New Year (2017) so time for some major progress.
The aim of the next sprint is to tidy up most of the screens, get the final flow correct and implement the first map area, this is where the cabin in the woods is situated, we can then implement the initial Quick Battle System.

List of Fixes:

+ Main Hub: Inventory: Completed recycle system of objects
+ Main Hub: Inventory: Fixed Female inventory portrait which was showing as male
+ Main Hub: Removed fine detection that was causing buttons to flicker

+ Main Menu: Found the fade was generating multiple fade objects, this wasn't affecting performance on normal computers but on a surface pro it was causing the fades to take longer (dropping frame rate). So going to load screen was taking 5 seconds longer on surface, which might happen on slower machines.
+ Main Menu: Removed deletion of fade because it causes a slight flash effect that is only noticeable on slower computers
+ Main Menu: Removed fine detection that was causing flickering

+ Load Screen: Removed fine detection that was causing flickering

+ Credits: Removed fine detection that was causing flickering
+ Credits: Decreased fade time

+ Options: Removed fine detection that was causing flickering
+ Options: Fixed issue with full screen icon, had graphical effect in the middle of it

+ Intro Story: Added story graphic for spanish flu/fade
+ Intro Story: Fixed music fade. Wasn't fading when moving to the next screen

+ General: Fixed issue with back button not working on load screen
+ General: Fixed issue with inventory icons showing on other screens
+ General: Replaced temporary loading screen text with something more game related as people noticed placeholder :)
+ General: Added new text string for "Loading Complete" so that I can keep the hints text on screen and not remove it as the text was too long to read it in the 3 second load time
+ General: Character selection - bit of a tidy up and optimisation

+ Steam: Completed information for Greenlight, launched a few days before EGX
+ Steam: Entered tax/bank information into Greenlight to start process of getting access to documents etc.
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