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Build Report 0.22

Build 0.21 Pre-Alpha

This sprint was about two things, firstly getting data into the game so further screen elements can be completed. It may not seem that important but without it, work on certain parts of the game wouldn't be possible without the data. I initially had problems as the data format in Clickteam's Fusion engine was causing some issues due to a bug, but fortunately they were able to make a fix available.

Secondly, we worked on getting as many of the elements required by the Steam store completed and uploaded. The art team have done a fantastic job of getting many elements completed so they could go off for review by Steam and get approved.

Next Sprint: We will be continuing to put together screens and data so that we can being to complete the later stages of Pre-Alpha, finishing off the character screens and beginning work on the initial map screen.

List of Fixes:

+ Main Hub: New Feature: When purchasing a building it will now "Fade in" when going back to the hub screen. If you close the app/come back it will appear without the fade
+ Main Hub: Moved some of the data to an ini file which will end up being encrypted. It's a lot easier to program for now
+ Main Hub: Bug fix: Clickteam fixed an issue with encryption of the ini++ object which was preventing files from being encrypted and then back again
+ Main Hub: Bug fix: Fixed issue with duplicate items not appearing when purchased
+ Main Hub: Bug fix: Fixed issue of not being able to purchase items if opened/closed

+ Data: Added character name data to system

+ Art: Achievement icons completed
+ Art: Trading cards completed
+ Art: Emoticons completed
+ Art: Profile screens completed
+ Art: Badges completed

+ Steam: Added achievements to steam
+ Steam: Added trading cards to steam
+ Steam: Added emoticons to steam
+ Steam: Added profile screens to steam
+ Steam: Added badges to steam
+ Steam: Added store front artwork to steam and set pricing
+ Steam: Build first ever steam game build, uploaded and all works :)

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