Dead of Day

Changing the world, one Human at a time

The Story

The world isn’t a safe place, it just looked that way. For hundreds of thousands of years, virus’s had taken it’s toll on the human race. At times we’ve been close to extinction but we’ve always come through. But maybe not this time.

Perhaps it was the growing population, the overuse of antibiotics or just the fact that we’ve treated this planet with total disrespect….it was going to happen sooner or later.

It didn’t help that technology made the virus even more potent, someone who carrying the virus could travel around the world in a matter of hours spreading death with them, just like the early sea merchants that brought the Black Death to Europe.

It doesn’t really matter now, all that matters is survival. If you come across an infected, don’t hesitate to put them down and whatever you do don’t get bitten or you’ll be another statistic. Just try to survive the Dead of Day.

Key Story

The virus seems to have originated in the far east, but no one can be sure… but what they do know is that it didn’t take very long to spread. Various health organisations had stated something like this was always going to happen - a pandemic on a global scale, especially considering how poor we’ve been trying to eradicate virus’s like Rabies and Ebola. With international flights it wasn’t long until the virus spread to the USA and that’s when most countries went dark.
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The Beginning

You start off the game in a log cabin in the USA, hearing various radio reports come through that the world you once knew is no more. Now you must decide with your limited resources, do you try and help other people or try and find food and water to survive.
Dead of Day