Dead of Day

Changing the world, one Human at a time

Dead of Day is a Zombie based dungeon crawler in the style of Dungeon Master, but with expanded gameplay elements that will hopefully take the game to another level.

The game focusses on the important decision making that you’d need to consider in an world hit by disaster. Who do you save? Who do you risk for the greater good? Is rescuing someone more important than gathering resources for the group? You make the decisions for better or for worse.

You also get to choose who stays to protect your base and who goes out on a mission. Do you leave your best people behind to protect your home, risking the fact that the people who go out on a mission might compromise it’s success. Or do you take the best people with you, increasing the risk that your base could be overrun.

The designs for the game are complete and we have made significant progress in the required art creation and game flow. We are currently building the game and putting the different areas together. The game is still in pre-Alpha which means there’s still lots to do and we are still putting gameplay features in but now it’s the case of coding the important parts of the game.
You get to pick your character, do you want to be male or female. Each has their own backstory.
Weapons, weapons and more weapons. Different types of weapons, not all of them good.
Base management and upgrades.
Zombies, animals, raiders, all of them a potential threat to your aim of surviving the apocalypse.
A large varied world to search for supplies.
Rescue. Hey someone help them!
Morale and morality. People will leave your group if you don’t meet their expectations.

Dead of Day