Dead of Day

Changing the world, one Human at a time

Build Report 0.23

Build 0.23 Pre-Alpha

A major decision was made a couple of months ago to convert the game to a new game engine, for both speed of development, support and portability. This move to a new engine has been problematic in terms of needing to learn a new way of creating code/engine usage. The plan being that the short term pain will be gained in longer term ease of code as the game code gets more complex, one area that the current version of Fusion really falls down badly on (I love using it but it's so awkward to manage when you have lots of objects on screen).

So this sprint has been very much about converting as much as possible of the old game code to Game Maker 2 code. This does mean in the future there is a possibility of moving to platforms such as Switch. It's going to take a good 3 or 4 weeks more I feel to convert across but now the process has been started I've just got to get back to where we were when using Fusion and hope the decision is the right one.

Screens completed
+ Initial Logo Screen Converted
+ Splash Text Screen Converted
+ Main Menu Screen Converted
+ Credits Converted
+ Options Screen Converted

Systems Implemented
+ Language System Created
+ Screen Fade System Implemented

Work-In Progress
+Load Screen

Over the next week we hope to have finished the load screen and moved onto the character selection screen.