Dead of Day

Changing the world, one Human at a time

Build Report 0.19

Build 0.19 Pre-Alpha

This last sprint (0.19) has all been about moving the introduction sequence and the start of the game sequence (on the main game hub) to something more approaching a finished state in terms of having all of the animations and code in place before a final polish run through.

It's been a hard slog this sprint, but we have been getting further along bit by bit and it's making a difference to how the game is coming along, its starting to feel exciting adding in every little bit of code, seeing the changes to the state of the game.

List of Fixes:
+ Hub Screen
++ Started tutorial introduction sequence.
++ Translation for day.
++ Separated graphics for resources, they were too close together.
++ Added tutorial test text.
++ Added designer art pointer to point out items in tutorial.
++ Added remove tutorial dialog icon so player can remove tutorial at any point.
++ Art team provided new seasons icons, added into game.
++ Art team provided new animated tutorial arrow, added into game.
++ Sorted out position of animated arrow/tided up.
++ Added male/female characters to the intro sequence.
++ Added door closing animation to intro sequence.
++ Added cabin smoke animation to intro sequence.
++ Added code to handle character walking, smoke and door closing.

+ Storying Introduction Screen
++ Added skip text to advise player they could skip if needed.
++ Updated Egypt story frame, more work required on animation.
++ Added moving plane to world map story frame.
++ Added cloud animation for above aircraft, in airplane story frame.
++ Added colour flicker to witch Dr graphic story frame.

+ Load Screen
++ Implemented art work for create/delete options in dialog box.