Dead of Day

Changing the world, one Human at a time

Build Report 0.20

Build 0.20 Pre-Alpha

This sprint has all been about moving the core screens forward.

I do hope that the game has more to show in terms of playable content unlike my games last showing last September. I guess this just shows how hard being a part time indie developer can be. The game has moved forward, but perhaps some of it is more behind the scenes than what the player will see. Oh well we shall see in the next two weeks :)

List of Fixes:

+ Main Hub
++ HQ Screen: Added Health Bar to Character 1 Slot
++ HQ Screen: Fixed all portraits - sizes incorrect
++ HQ Screen: Added code to display portrait after character enters cabin
++ HQ Screen: Fixed character portrait display issues
++ HQ Screen: Made health bar only appear when character has appeared
++ HQ Screen: Updated smoke effects on cabin
++ HQ Screen: Tutorial: Moved arrow positions

++ Upgrades: Fixed issue with not resetting purchase boxes
++ Upgrades: Removed temp image and put in cabin graphic (upgrades)
++ Upgrades: Fixed issue with clicking off screen purchasing items

++ General: Re-organised code to spread out intro sequence
++ General: General text fixes

+ Story Screen
++ General: Fixed music fade issues
++ General: Fixed incorrect screen jump

+ Logo Screen
++ Loaded in music and sound variables into global values so that they would be available elsewhere

+ Main Menu
++ Fixed missing continue button which prevents loading a saved game/continue

+ Load Game
++ Removed old bin icons

+ Inventory
++ Added character portrait to the inventory system
++ Fixed issue of items appearing on the wrong screens
++ Added three list objects to handle inventory
++ Removed three list objects in inventory when found a better way of implementing it
++ Hid text and inventory slots at start of game/continue
++ Added destroy/recycle to language database and placed within game
++ fixed issues with adding/removing items
++ added designer art for character slot icons
++ Changed inventory system to handle pool/hq items independently
++ Added icon/text/title/description for inventory items