Dead of Day

Changing the world, one Human at a time

Build Report 0.22

Build 0.21 Pre-Alpha

List of Fixes:

+ Main Hub: New Feature: When purchasing a building it will now "Fade in" when going back to the hub screen. If you close the app/come back it will appear without the fade
+ Main Hub: Moved some of the data to an ini file which will end up being encrypted. It's a lot easier to program for now
+ Main Hub: Bug fix: Clickteam fixed an issue with encryption of the ini++ object which was preventing files from being encrypted and then back again
+ Main Hub: Bug fix: Fixed issue with duplicate items not appearing when purchased
+ Main Hub: Bug fix: Fixed issue of not being able to purchase items if opened/closed

+ Data: Added character name data to system

+ Art: Achievement icons completed
+ Art: Trading cards completed
+ Art: Emoticons completed
+ Art: Profile screens completed
+ Art: Badges completed

+ Steam: Added achievements to steam
+ Steam: Added trading cards to steam
+ Steam: Added emoticons to steam
+ Steam: Added profile screens to steam
+ Steam: Added badges to steam
+ Steam: Added store front artwork to steam and set pricing
+ Steam: Build first ever steam game build, uploaded and all works :)