Dead of Day

Changing the world, one Human at a time

Build Report 0.18

Build 0.18 Pre-Alpha

Made some good forward progress this week. Got through a few screens that are now in a nearly completed state (except for very minor polish). I have one more screen to do (story intro screen) before I begin to tackle screens that contain multiple elements and more importantly gameplay. I will be excited to see how much work I remember I had done on them and finally begin to tackle gameplay content rather than screen and flow issues.

Next Work Sprint:
We will begin to improve the story introduction sequence, this is what provides some background into how the zombie virus spread across the world. It is all hooked up code wise and works as expected, the problem is that it needs more movement on screen to make it interesting visually. I am going to try a few basic movements by using elements that have already been created.

List of Fixes:
+ Load Screen
++ Load Game Screen: Updated background to remove hard coded "Load Game" text
++ Load Game Screen: Replaced hard coded buttons.
++ Load Game Screen: Updated text with translation system
++ Load Game Screen: Fixed text not being removed when displaying pop-up box
++ Loading Screen: Replaced Loading Image with text
++ Loading Screen: Replaced continue button with translated item.
++ Loading Screen: Added Helpful Hints text, using random number generator to pick from (currently) 5 items.

+ Options Screen
++ Options Screen: Updated background to remove hard coded "Options" text
++ Options Screen: Replaced Language selected graphic with text option.

+ Character Selection Screen
++ Character Selection: Text moved to translation system.
++ Character Selection: Replaced hard coded buttons.
++ Character Selection: Redid Background Card images
++ Character Selection: Added character intro text to this screen, rather than a later screen. Need to be careful of text sizes here, could be problematic.
++ Character Selection: Replaced scrolling elements on screen with appearing, much easier to program and less problematic
++ Character Selection Screen: Added dust effect, currently one piece of dust generated every 1s, consider adding more types and times later.
++ Character Selection: Animated Pick Buttons
++ Character Selection: Fixed up Close character sheet
++ Character Selection: Connected next steps to Character "Pick" buttons

+ Other
++ Story Intro Flow: Wasn't taking new save from loading screen to story screen.