Dead of Day

Changing the world, one Human at a time

Build Report 0.17

Build 0.17 Pre-Alpha

Starting to get more organised as the project is starting to take longer than expected and hoped, so its time to start using project management systems to ensure that I keep motivated but also so that I can see that progress has been made.

The last couple of weeks I've been going through some of the screens in turn and adding multi language support and starting to fix up things that I had put in but were not really working as expected.

Upgraded Trello to Gold, so that I can take advantage of the advanced features and the ability to upload larger files, this will be important later on when identifying polish items.

+ Created language translation system, supports multiple languages
++ English, French, German
+ Converted Splash logo screen to translation system
+ Converted Intro text splash screen to translation system
+ Converted Credits screen to translation system
+ Converted Options screen to translation system
+ Fixed Main Menu's buttons both graphically and placement
+ Fixed a number of screens fade - graphics and audio
+ Began process of converting Load Game screen to translation system
+ Options Screen fixes
++ Fixed fullscreen button, now allows fullscreen and window swap in real time
++ Fixed music and sound level buttons
++ Fixed saving of options to global values, now saves and loads correctly